May 19, 2024  
2017-2018 Catalog 
2017-2018 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Structural Anatomy and Rehabilitation Sciences

Rustin E. Reeves, PhD, Graduate Advisor for Structural Anatomy
Research and Education Building 232
Phone: 817-735-2050

Nicoleta Bugnariu, PhD, Graduate Advisor for Rehabilitation Sciences
Carl E. Everett Education and Administration Building, Room 402
Phone: 817-735-2976

The Structural Anatomy and Rehabilitation Sciences Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) programs are collaborative, interprofessional program offered by the Center for Anatomical Sciences and the Department of Physical Therapy. This program, through research opportunities, coursework, and teaching experiences will develop and train students who will be qualified to serve as faculty members and independent researchers in various departments at health science centers, universities, and community colleges. The programs focus on anatomy, biomechanics and movement science using advanced experimental, computational, and clinical tools. The major impetus of the research in the discipline will consist of but not be limited to: 1) neuroscience of movement production, learning and control; 2) biomechanics, including the study of the structure, function, evolution/adaptive significance, and mechanical behavior of musculoskeletal soft and hard tissues; 3) anatomical studies linked to clinical applications in orthopedics and physical therapy; 4) the analysis, design, and/or development of rehabilitation protocols, assessment tools and techniques, assistive devices and instrumentation used in rehabilitation practice; and 5) studies of educational pedagogy in anatomy/movement science through the development of unique educational tools, techniques and assessment strategies.