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2017-2018 Catalog 
2017-2018 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Student Affairs


The Division of Student Affairs is a full institutional partner dedicated to creating solutions for a healthier community by fostering student success. The division supports co-curricular and extracurricular programming, activities, and services to facilitate students’ academic training, professional growth, and personal development. Additionally, the division supports students’ needs, creating an atmosphere that stimulates learning, and integrates extracurricular experiences into the formal educational programs.

Through its administrative office and the offices of the Center for Academic Performance (CAP), Financial Aid, Registrar, Testing and Evaluation Services, Student Development, Wellness Services, International Services, and Career Services, the following goals are defined in support of the UNT Health Science Center’s (UNTHSC) educational mission:

  • Facilitating a values based culture
  • Fostering student success
  • Promoting exceptional customer service
  • Engaging the community
  • Developing resources through grants and scholarships

Personal, academic, and career counseling are available to students in the Office of Student Affairs. Professional counseling for students and their families are available through the Student Assistance Program (SAP).

In emergency situations, such as a death in the family, special assistance can be provided for notification of professors, medical withdrawal, etc. The office provides policy interpretation and rights adjustment upon request, handles disciplinary and social adjustment issues, and provides self-development opportunities and enrichment activities.

Office of Student Affairs

The Office of Student Affairs provides the leadership and oversight for all the staff and offices within the Division of Student Affairs. Additionally, the staff encourage student participation in and contribution to all UNTHSC programs. The senior student affairs officer establishes and coordinates the system of student conduct and discipline, interprets institutional regulations on academic and non-academic matters as related to students, and acts as a student advocate when appropriate. The Office of Student Affairs is dedicated to creating solutions for a healthier community by fostering student success.

For more information on the Office of Student Affairs, or any office within the Division of Student Affairs, please visit the website at www.unthsc.edu/students/student-affairs/# or contact the Office of Student Affairs at 817-735-2505.

Department of Enrollment Services

The Department of Enrollment Services is comprised of the Office of the Registrar, Office of Financial Aid, International Services Office, and the Office of Testing and Evaluation Services. Enrollment Services oversees all enrollment processes for UNTHSC, provides student academic and financial services to our current and former students, and provides academic support services to faculty.

Financial Aid Office

The Financial Aid Office offers scholarship, grant, and loan programs to assist students in meeting the costs of financing their education. Although financial aid is available for eligible students, it should be considered supplemental to a student’s own financial resources. The Financial Aid Office is dedicated to quality customer service and the prompt delivery of aid program funds. Counselors are available to assist students in the application process to ensure that students receive the information needed to make the best decisions regarding their financial aid options. Counselors are also available to help students make sound financial decisions by providing budget/debt management resources. While financial aid is subject to strict federal and state regulations, the staff strives to help students navigate this complex plan in a professional and courteous manner.

For more information about these services, please contact the Office of Financial Aid at 817-735-2505, or (800)-346-8266, or visit the website at https://www.unthsc.edu/students/financial-aid.

Office of the Registrar

The Office of the Registrar manages and maintains the students’ academic records, insures the integrity, security and confidentiality of academic records. These services include transcript generation, grade processing, degree certification, the enrollment and registration process of all students, verification of enrollment, processing academic standing, and completion of degree. The Office of the Registrar coordinates reports for internal and external compliance, oversees functions related to Veteran’s Affairs, assists in commencement planning, prepares data for state audit reports, coordinates compliance with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), and provides data to support the institution’s tactical initiatives.

The Office of the Registrar can be reached at 817-735-2201. All Registrar-related forms can be obtained by visiting the Office of the Registrar website and clicking on “forms.”

International Services Office

The International Services Office conducts orientation programs for new international students and scholars and offers assistance with administrative concerns, immigration advisement, and personal counseling. It provides referral to other campus agencies, if required, and gives international students the opportunity to participate in programs designed to introduce students to various aspects of U.S. culture and history.

For more information about these services, please contact the International Services Office at 817-735-2780 or by email international@unthsc.edu.

Office of Testing and Evaluation Services

The Office of Testing and Evaluation Services (TES) scores, analyzes, and reports results of classroom testing. TES maintains the secure computer-based testing system. TES also administers and proctors classroom examinations. TES also maintains the course and faculty evaluation system for most UNTHSC programs, which includes collecting student evaluative input and reporting results to stakeholders. Additionally, TES supports various data collection and assessment activities through the design of optical mark scanning forms and online surveys, and the analysis and reporting of results.

For more information about the services provided by TES, call 817-735-2232, visit the TES webpage at www.unthsc.edu/tes, or email TES at testingservices@unthsc.edu.

Department of Student Services

The Department of Student Services is comprised of the Center for Academic Performance, Office of Wellness Services, and Office of Student Development, Career Center, International Student & Scholar Services, and Disability Accommodations. Student Services provides co-curricular services, programs, and activities to facilitate students’ academic training, personal growth, and professional development.

Center for Academic Performance (CAP)

The Center for Academic Performance (CAP) is committed to helping all UNTHSC students meet their personal and academic goals by providing comprehensive academic support programs. CAP services and programs are designed to enhance all levels of academic performance through academic consultations, learning assessments, and self-management. They offer academic counseling, learning and study strategy assessments, writing support, peer tutoring, presentation support, and a variety of workshops to all UNTHSC students. CAP staff also work with faculty to provide and support students in periods of academic difficulty through assistance with planning alternate programs and reassessment of student priorities. All academic support services offered through CAP are available to on-line students.

Learning Strategies - Each student needs to find the most effective learning strategy for their personal needs and academic program. The CAP staff can help students find and implement their best strategy through assessment, counseling, and academic support workshops.

Peer Tutoring Programs - Tutoring programs provide the opportunity to share strategies for organizing and learning the large volume of material required to succeed in graduate and professional schools. The following tutoring options are provided based on tutor availability: limited individual tutoring, small group tutoring, large group tutorials, drop-in and on-line sessions.

For more information or to request tutoring assistance, contact CAP at: 817-735-2531, by email at CAP@unthsc.edu, or visit the website at www.hsc.unt.edu/CAP/.

Counseling Services - UNTHSC offers free counseling to students through the WellConnect Program. UNTHSC students receive six free counseling sessions from preferred providers in their area.

To contact WellConnect:
Phone - (866) 640-4777
Website - www.wellconnectbysrs.com Code - UNTHSC

Americans with Disabilities Act - Since 1972, UNTHSC has welcomed students with disabilities, providing CAP as a central referral agency when accommodations are necessary because of specific limitations. UNTHSC is committed to providing equal educational access for qualified students with disabilities in accordance with state and federal laws including the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, as amended in 2008, and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973. To provide equality of access for students with disabilities, accommodations and auxiliary aids and services will be provided to the extent necessary to comply with state and federal law.

Services provided by CAP include:

  1. Holds the student disability documentation that admitted students provide as part of their request for academic accommodation;
  2. Provides accommodation information to other UNTHSC offices to coordinate academic accommodations (interpreter, CART, scribe, taped information, typist, etc.);
  3. Assists students with scheduling and class access concerns;
  4. Provides appropriate registration assistance;
  5. Provides reader/scribe and adaptive equipment access for academic test situations;
  6. Provides liaison between students and agencies or department interpreters, note takers, tutors and other auxiliary aids;
  7. Coordinates adaptive equipment access for in-class use;
  8. Acts as consultant in on-campus situations which constitute an accommodation challenge;
  9. Works with individual students and professors or academic advisors regarding accommodation needs; and
  10. Acts as a consultant for accessibility of on-line content.

For information regarding applying for services please contact CAP by email at cap@unthsc.edu. For information on the Americans with Disabilities policy, visit the policy website at www.hsc.unt.edu/policies/policieslist.cfm.

Office of Student Development

The Office of Student Development supports the mission of the Division of Student Affairs and UNTHSC. Its role is to address issues that are relative to all UNTHSC students, from pre-enrollment through graduation. This office creates opportunities that engage and support the development of the whole student. 

There are six student-elected government councils representing each educational program at UNTHSC. They are the Medical Student Government Association (MSGA); Graduate Student Association (GSA); Public Health Student Government Association (PHSGA); Physician Assistant Student Association (PASA); Physical Therapy Student Association (PTSA) and the Pharmacy Student Government Association (PSGA).

The Office of Student Development oversees two lounge areas. One is located on the first floor of the Carl E. Everett Education and Administration Building (CEEEAD, 110). This lounge has vending machines (coin operated), an ice machine, a sink, microwave ovens, restrooms, recreational equipment (pool table, Ping-Pong tables) and tables and chairs. It is a great place for students to relax, hang out, study, eat, and meet with faculty or friends. A second lounge is located on the second floor of the Center for Bio-Health. Additionally, students can access a telephone for on-campus and local calls, a fax machine, couches and chairs in the Student Service Center (SSC 204).

Student Organizations - There are many student organizations on the UNTHSC campus that represent a variety of interests within the health professions community. In cooperation with the Office of Student Development, these organizations sponsor programs and activities that promote the intellectual, professional, social, physical, and emotional development of all students. Students are provided with leadership opportunities at the local, regional, and national levels through participation in these groups. The Office of Student Development coordinates the student organization registration process and events calendar. 

UNTHSC recognizes the right of any group of students, faculty, or staff to form a voluntary organization for purposes not forbidden by the laws of the United States and the state of Texas. All campus organizations that include enrolled students as members must be registered with the Office of Student Development and the Division of Student Affairs. Policies regulating the functioning, sponsorship, and privileges of registered or recognized organizations are available in the Office of Student Development. For more information, please contact the Office of Student Development at 817-735-5006 or email studentdevelopment@unthsc.edu.

Scheduling Events - Student organizations are required to schedule events, seminars, programs, and lectures through the Office of Student Development. Please contact 817-735-5006 or email studentdevelopment@unthsc.edu for more information.

Career Center

The Career Center offers comprehensive advising and resources to assist students and alumni in achieving their career goals. These career development services include:

  • Resume/CV/Cover Letter Critique
  • Personal Statement Writing
  • Interviewing Skills (including Mock Interviewing)
  • Customer Service and Etiquette Training
  • Social Media (LinkedIn) Profile Development
  • Job Fairs and Networking Events
  • Job Search Presentations and Workshops
  • Individual and Group Career Exploration

For those seeking part-time or full-time employment or internships, the Career Center hosts Career Solutions, the primary campus online job board and career event clearinghouse. Along with the ability for department-approved employers to post jobs directly to the site, these hiring organizations can also seek out active UNTHSC students and alumni based on keyword search, as well as review applicant-provided job search documents such as resumes and cover letters. Students can also find part-time campus employment opportunities through Career Solutions.

The Career Center also serves as campus administrator and document repository for the Electronic Residency Application Service (ERAS) and the MSPE (Dean’s Letter) as these pertain to the medical residency application process.

For more information, please contact the Career Center at 817-735-5020 or email careercenter@unthsc.edu, or find us online at https://www.unthsc.edu/students/career-center and on LinkedIn at UNTHSC Career Center.

Office of Wellness Services

The Office of Wellness Services is dedicated to promoting health and wellness on the UNTHSC campus through various resources, programming and campus activities. The Office of Wellness Services houses the following initiatives: Care Team, Recreation (Fitness Center and Intramurals), Wellness Programming, Prevention Programming, and Outreach. More information can be found at https://www.unthsc.edu/wellness-services/. See the listing below for descriptions of activities provided by the Office of Wellness Services.

Care Team - UNTHSC and the Office of Wellness Services cares about our students’ success, not only academically, but emotionally and physically. Because of our commitment, we provide comprehensive and holistic services across campus and the community that respond to our students’ unique needs. More information about the Care Team can be found at https://www.unthsc.edu/wellness-services/care-team/.

Fitness Center - The Fitness Center is located in the Founders’ Activity Center on the north end of campus at the intersection of Clifton and 7th Street. For more information on membership options and the current schedule of activities, please visit https://www.unthsc.edu/wellness-services/recreation/​ or contact the Assistant Director of Wellness Services at 817-735-2991. The Fitness Center is open 7 days per week to campus and community members. The Fitness Center includes multiple weight rooms, a room complete with new cardiovascular equipment, an outdoor basketball court, full-service locker rooms, and FREE group exercise classes for all members. Equipment Orientations are available upon request to all members. Personal Training is available at competitive rates for UNTHSC faculty, staff, and students.  For more information call 817-735-2209.

Intramural Sports - The Office of Wellness Services offers various intramural sport activities for UNTHSC students. Tournaments that are offered include Table Tennis, 3-on-3 Basketball, Flag-Football, and many more! Details can be found at https://www.unthsc.edu/wellness-services/recreation/recreationintramural-sports-monthly-challenges/.

Wellness Programs - Wellness programs through the Office of Wellness Services are held throughout the year and include Wellness Coaching and Wellness on Wheels. Additionally, the Office of Wellness Services supports our Student Food Pantry. The Food Pantry is open Monday-Friday, 8am-5pm in Suite 220 and is designed to provide basic needs to the UNTHSC student population while maintaining respect and confidentiality. Information on Wellness Programs can be found at https://www.unthsc.edu/wellness-services/wellness-programs/.

Prevention Programs - The Office of Wellness Services embraces a holistic and preventive approach to wellness. We believe educating our students, faculty, and staff on intervention tactics, risk factors, and warning signs will result in a healthier community. We offer prevention programming and resources for the following topics: Mental Illness Awareness Week, Suicide Prevention, and Sexual Assault Support Services.  Additionally, the Office of Wellness Services strives to create a campus climate that fosters safety and wellbeing. In accordance with Title IX and the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA), the Office of Wellness Services recognizes the following Awareness Months: Stalking Awareness Month (January), Sexual Assault Awareness Month (April), and Domestic Violence Awareness Month (October). 

Outreach - Serving our campus and campus community is important to us! The Office of Wellness Services offers a variety of outreach services including suicide prevention training, wellness coaching, and stress management workshops. 

Title IX

Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972 (20 U.S.C. § 1681) is an all-encompassing federal law that prohibits discrimination on the basis of sex in education programs and activities receiving federal financial assistance. Although Title IX is often associated with equal opportunity in athletic programs, the law is much broader and includes discrimination on the basis of gender, sexual harassment and sexual assault.

“No person in the United States shall, on the basis of sex, be excluded from participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be subjected to discrimination under any education program or activity receiving Federal financial assistance…” 20 U.S.C. § 1681

While compliance with the law is everyone’s responsibility, oversight of UNTHSC’s compliance with Title IX is the responsibility of the Title IX Coordinator. UNTHSC has appointed deputies to resolve complaints and address issues of gender-based discrimination and sexual misconduct. Questions or concerns regarding Title IX should be directed to:

Title IX Coordinator (for students)
Dr. Trisha VanDuser
Executive Director, Student Services