Jan 30, 2023  
2019-2020 Catalog 
2019-2020 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]


Office of the Dean

Frank Filipetto, DO, FACOFP, Dean

A.J. Randolph, MBA, Senior Academic & Business Director

Erin Milam, Senior Executive Assistant

Contact Information:

Office of Admissions & Outreach

Mike Kennedy, EdD, Director

Stephanie Harris, Student Records Associate

Caroline Hunter, MEd, Assistant Director

Patrick Middleton, MEd, Assistant Director

Lindsay Shupala, Recruitment/Admissions Associate

Ann Smith, MEd, Academic Program Coordinator

Contact Information:
817-735-2204 or Toll Free 800-535-8266

Office of Academic Affairs

David C. Mason, DO, MBA, FACOFP, Interim Senior Associate Dean

Debbie Bauer, Executive Assistant

Joycelyn Bryant, Senior Administrative Associate

Amy L. Chambers, Year II Academic Program Manager

Caroline Gourley, Senior Administrative Associate

Carolyn L. Mosley-Reney, MEd, Year I Academic Program Manager

Michael L. Smith, PhD, Year I Curriculum Director

Michael W. Oglesby, PhD, Year II Curriculum Director

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Simulation & Classroom Technology

Nancy Tierney, PhD, RN, ACNP-BC, Director of Medical Simulation

Joshua Christian, Administrative Coordinator

Jan Jowitt, RN, BSN, DHA, Standardized Patient Trainer

Tony Martinez, Technical Support II

Contact Information:

Office of Clinical Education

Katy Kemp, MEd, Executive Director of Clinical Education

Lisa Maldonado, Assistant Director of Clinical Education

Carolyn Anderson, Obstetrics and Gynecology Clerkship Coordinator

Trystyn Buckley, Surgery Clerkship Coordinator

Twila Bucksath, Family Medicine Clerkship Coordinator

Ann Drake, Pediatrics Clerkship Coordinator

Laura Fuller, Academic Program Specialist

Mesa Herod, Academic Program Specialist

Michelle Kline, Psychiatry Clerkship Coordinator

Ana Macias, Academic Program Specialist

Malissa McCracken, Geriatric and Emergency Medicine Clerkship Coordinator

Cari McTaggart, Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine Clerkship Coordinator

Amber Pritchett, Internal Medicine Clerkship Coordinator

Contact Information:

Office of Rural Medical Education

John Gibson, MD, Assistant Dean for Rural Medical Education

Stacy Abraham, MPH, Research Assistant Director

A. Clifton Cage, DO, ACOFP, Associate Professor

Kaily Owens, Executive Assistant

Sarah Taylor, Senior Administrative Associate

Contact Information:
817-735-2275 or 817-735-2242

Office of Graduate Medical Education & Educational Programs

Lisa R. Nash, DO, MS-HPEd, FAAFP, Senior Associate Dean for Graduate Medical Education

Rynn Ziller, EdD, Assistant Professor and Executive Director Advising & Career Development

Helene Alphonso, DO, Director of Osteopathic Medical Education

Aurea Baez-Martinez, Academic Program Coordinator

Jessica H. Chavez, EdD, OPTI Administrator

Andrea Davis, Academic Program Coordinator

Lauren Goodpaster, MS, Career Development Coordinator, Advising & Career Development

Kristi Hayworth, Academic Program Coordinator

Melva Landrum, Assistant Director, Advising & Career Development

John Lentz, IT Specialist 

Sharon Manson, EdD Educational Program Manager

Cindy Passmore, MA, Director, Faculty Development Center

Julie Schwartz, Executive Assistant

David Stone, DO, FACOS, Residency Counselor

Ashton Whaley, MBA, Academic Program Coordinator

Nicole Williams-Hall, MBA, Executive Assistant

Contact Information:

Osteopathic Research Center

John Licciardone, DO, MS, MBA, Executive Director

Cathleen Kearns, Research Assistant Director

Amanda Pavlick, Senior Administrative Coordinator

Contact Information: 817-735-5410


W. Paul Bowman, MD, Chairman of Pediatrics

Kellie Flood-Shaffer, MD, Affiliate Division Chairman of Obstetrics & Gynecology

Janice Knebl, DO, MBA, Interim Chairman of Internal Medicine

Alan Podawiltz, DO, MS, Affiliate Division Chairman of Psychiatry and Behavioral Medicine

Robert Richard, DO, Affiliate Division Chairman of Community Medicine

Ryan Seals, DO, Interim Chairman of Family Medicine/Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine

Russell Wagner, MD, Affiliate Division Chairman of Orthopaedics

Albert Yurvati, DO, PhD, FACOS, FICS, FAHA, Chairman of Medical Education