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2022-2023 Catalog 
2022-2023 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Health Administration, MHA

The Master of Health Administration Cohort program is designed to prepare full-time students for entry or mid-level healthcare management positions in such settings as hospitals; managed care organizations; medical group practices; ambulatory, long-term care, insurance and pharmaceutical companies; consulting firms; government agencies; for-profit and nonprofit sector organizations.

The curriculum is guided by the HSC MHA Competency Model which addresses the complexity and dynamic qualities of the health leader’s role and reflects the realities in health leadership today. Through an internship and a final integrative experience, students are expected to incorporate, synthesize, and apply their knowledge within both an operational and a community context. The result is an organizational perspective that encourages students to integrate knowledge from a range of management disciplines while emphasizing accountability for effective performance.

By the conclusion of the MHA program, students will be able to demonstrate knowledge and skills in:

  • Promoting Accountability
  • Analytical Thinking
  • Communication Skills 1- Writing
  • Communication Skills 2- Speaking and Facilitating
  • Performance Measurement
  • Process and Quality Improvement
  • Project Management
  • Human Relations
  • Strategic Orientation
  • Professional and Social Responsibility
  • Financial Skills
  • Information Technology

Full-time enrollment is required for all cohort programs, i.e., MPH, MS, and MHA. Students in the MPH, MHA, and MS programs are expected to graduate in five consecutive semesters. Students follow a weekly calendar of curricular and co-curricular activity that occupies 8-hour blocks of time, Monday through Friday. Students are strictly prohibited from holding employment off-campus during semesters in which they are enrolled in courses.

Each student in the HSC-SPH MHA Cohort Program is required to complete a full-time internship in an approved health services organization under the guidance of a qualified preceptor. The purpose of this internship is to provide the student with a “real world” experience in which to apply concepts and models learned in the classroom; to enable an appreciation of the complexity of organizations and the individuals that comprise them; and to provide insights for further development of skills and knowledge during the student’s remaining time in the program. The MHA internship program is managed under the direction of the MHA Program Director in cooperation with program faculty, students and preceptors in the field.

All internships are designed to enable students to accomplish the following objectives:

  • To observe and understand the leadership and managerial style of the preceptor;
  • To understand the overall design and interrelationships of the individual parts of the organization’s structure;
  • To contribute to the “real output” of the organization by participating in relevant projects;
  • To practice serving as a “real healthcare manager” within the organization; and
  • To understand the internal and external environment in which the organization functions.

Additional information can be found on the MHA Internship website.

Academic Requirements and Admission Procedures can be found on the MHA Admissions page  .