Mar 21, 2018  
2017-2018 Catalog 
2017-2018 Catalog

MEDE 7624 Applied Principles of Rural Medical Practice 1

9 SCH. This course is the third of four Year 1 and Year 2 courses in a special medical school curriculum designed to train future physicians for rural practice. This course is taught longitudinally during semester 3, with integration occurring during the systems courses. Building on skills and knowledge gained from semester 1 & 2, this course will provide educational experiences that will prepare the student for life and practice in a rural environment. The student will acquire advanced skills in interviewing, physical examination, diagnostic reasoning, and performance of procedures. Osteopathic philosophy, principles, structural examination skills, and osteopathic manipulative treatment techniques will be integrated throughout the course to emphasize the osteopathic approach to medical practice. In addition, the student will be introduced to issues of culture, ethics, and community health in relation to a rural environment. Course modules integrate concepts of public health, population health, and prevention pertinent to rural clinical practice. This course is comprised of small group classroom learning modules involving practical application of knowledge learned, team based exercises, skills labs and clinical activities. Students will observe how rural community agencies support the health care system. This course is restricted to students enrolled in the Rural Scholars Program and satisfies the TCOM curricular requirements for MP 3. ***This course applies to students enrolled in the Class of 2018 and later.
Offered Fall
Pass/No Pass