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2014-2015 Catalog 
2014-2015 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Attendance & Leave of Absence



During Years 1 and 2, medical students are expected to attend all classroom activities. Attendance is required at all laboratories and clinical experiences. Limited excused absences may be granted with permission of the curriculum director or associate dean for academic affairs. The student is responsible for obtaining and learning subject materials presented during an absence. When the period of absence is known and may be planned, the student must confer with the appropriate course director and determine a plan of action for the absence. The student must then submit a completed excused absence request form at least two weeks before the requested date(s) of absence to the Office of Academic Affairs/Medical Education. Students must submit an excused absence form to the Office of Academic Affairs/Medical Education for any absence from an examination, quiz, learning module or laboratory. If the excuse is due to an illness, then students must also provide a note from a health care provider documenting the absence.  All absence slips must be completed and turned in to the Office of Academic Affairs/Medical Education within five (5) working days of the absence.

Throughout Years 3 and 4, because of the responsibility for patient care, as well as the expectations of clinical assignments, 100 percent attendance is required on all clinical clerkships. However, it is recognized that situations beyond a student’s control may arise that require absence from a clerkship. Such absences must be approved by the clerkship director. The complete policy for clerkship attendance is subject to annual review and may be found in the Uniform Policies for Clinical Clerkships distributed by the Office of Clinical Education. All absences require written documentation using the Request for Absence from Clerkship form available through that office. Unapproved absences or absences in excess of this policy will require remediation of the time missed and may result in the loss of points from the final clerkship grade. Absences of five days or more on a four-week clerkship, or seven days or more on a six-week clerkship, will result in a grade of “incomplete,” and will require that the clerkship be repeated in its entirety. Absence(s) without notification to the clerkship director may result in a failing grade for the clerkship.

Students may receive approved absences for certain Health Science Center-related activities. These absences require advance written approval from the associate dean for academic affairs, and are subject to the above provisions for four- and six-week clerkships. Any exception to this policy may be made only with the approval of the associate dean for academic affairs.

In accordance with state law, students absent due to the observance of a religious holiday may take examinations or complete assignments scheduled for the day missed within a reasonable time after the absence. For more information visit the policy at

Leave of Absence

A student may request or be required to take a leave of absence to obtain care for a health-related issue or address a personal issue that may be interfering with her or his ability to engage in the activities of the curriculum. Such leave may also be a recommendation by the Student Performance Committee. Students requesting a leave of absence must apply to the dean of TCOM. In the event of a health-related issue, the request must be accompanied by a letter from the treating physician or a licensed professional describing the nature of the health-related issue for which the leave is requested and the estimated length of time needed for recovery.

After consultation with the student, the dean of TCOM will decide whether or not the leave will be granted and the conditions under which the student may return to school. Students must report to the Office of Student Affairs to obtain a Leave of Absence Form and complete it before they are officially placed on an approved leave.

Before a student may be re-enrolled, a written request for re-enrollment must be submitted by the student to the dean of TCOM. In the case of a medical leave, a letter from the treating physician or a licensed professional must accompany the readmission request stating that the student has recovered from the disability for which the medical leave was granted and is able to participate in a full academic program.